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Glossing, glazing, toner: What is it?

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Do you know what they do? If your answer is yes, great, we have you taught you well young pad wan and go about your day.

If the answer is no, we will break it down for you!

So is it gloss, glaze, or toner? Well, it's up to the stylist on verbiage, but at the end of the day, they are all the same thing. At Craft House Salon, we say gloss, and it's a fantastic tool we hairdressers love to use. A gloss has many functions, from grey blending, tonal corrections, natural color enhancements, and sometimes just a simple fix to shake up your look with minimal commitment.

From a technical prospect, a gloss is a Demi permeant hair color. Unlike the permeant color that penetrates your hair cuticle, chemically altering your natural pigment forever, the gloss will only last a few short weeks. This is because the chemical makeup of a gloss is to only sort of hang onto the hair and coat the hair shaft. So unlike permeant hair color, a small amount of it comes off each time you shampoo your hair after having a gloss applied.

Typically a gloss will last up to 6 weeks (or 20 shampoos) if you are not an everyday shampoo person. Because it isn't a permeant color, there are a few unique benefits to a gloss we wanted to touch on.


A gloss is a non-committal color change. Let's say that you're a blonde who likes to switch it up once in a while but is hesitant to take that leap of faith into a huge permanent change...

A gloss is the best service for you. You can achieve your winter brunette dreams without sacrificing your ability to be back to a lighter tone for summer. Once you want to go back to a more golden color or bright blonde, it will take minimal effort to achieve those beachy-colored locks.


Ever wonder how that perfect platinum blonde got their hair to stay so fresh-looking for months? A gloss! Platinum blonds can become yellowed from the sun and require more frequent salon visits. Most platinum heads need to come to the salon every 3-5 weeks. When in, the gloss is reanalyzed and color balanced, specifically tailored to their hair's needs.

Now, that doesn't mean only platinum blonds need summer toners; whether you are a blonde, brunette, redhead, or creative color, you can benefit from a gloss. We can gloss away unwanted tones and enhance your hair's beautiful, natural tones simply to encourage its vibrancy when needed.


Hate coming in every 2-3 weeks for greys? Want to switch to something a bit more lived-in and natural-looking? Grey blending is an option a gloss can offer. A gloss can keep your grey blended for a natural effect with minimal growth lines.

This can be a transitional process if you receive a permeant hair color service. We recommend a consultation with your stylist to discuss how this transition would work and if you are, in fact, a candidate for it.


Dull? Lack Luster? One thing we love most about a gloss is the shine factor. What makes it even more appealing is that you don't have to change your hair color one bit if you are only looking for more shine. A gloss can be clear! It is an excellent option for those who love what nature gave you and want to enhance it!


Why do we specifically love our gloss? The one thing that everyone's hair can never get enough of is moisture. Davines always thinks ahead, and with color, there is no exception. Our color lines are made with naturally derived ingredients and are held to the highest standards using olive oil for hydration. Every ingredient is considered in our color line to ensure it will keep the hair in excellent condition and well moisturized, derived from 93% natural ingredients. Plus, being an acidic PH makes the hair shine like magic. We can geek out more, but all you need to know is that our glosses are great for our hair and look stunning!

Curious and want to know more about a gloss for yourself? Connect with us below, and we will happily set up a consultation for you to come in and discuss your options!

Or you can drop us a text here at 732-291-8777


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