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Summer Hair Care on Point?

Having fun laying on the beach all day? Floating in the pool without a care in the world? Delightful the life we live here at the Jersey Shore. The summer is soul food here in NJ, at least for the majority of us, it's the reason we put up with the terrible winters.

But, what lakes nutrition and care oftentimes is our hair. Especially in the warmer months, it's important to put a hat on, or SPF...preferably both really.

Thankfully we have an amazing line to keep your locks healthy throughout the heatwave, and protecting the skin on your scalp as well.

"Our SU family of products is a complete routine to protect your hair and skin before and after sun exposure. Enjoy your time in the sun, worry-free — these healing, hydrating and nourishing products are saviors for hair and skin."

A full range of summer hair care from SPF, Shampoo/ Body wash, Treatment, and after-sun care.


Available for purchase in the salon or on our online store.

Email us with any questions!



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