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The rage of hair extensions and for good reason!!

We’ve offered extensions (mainly tape-in’s) since we opened, and love the variations and freedom of artistic expression they offer. Extensions are a great way to add length, volume, and density to hair. They are a great option for anyone looking for a little extra in their hair. However, depending on lifestyle, how you style your hair, and what you may do for a living, sometimes tape-in’s aren’t an option. Weft hand extensions are a great option for those looking for the bonuses of extensions with a bit more flexibility. Weft hand tied extensions are noted as being some of the most comfortable, and are fastly becoming the most sought after approach. Here is a bit about the application, time, cost, and who is a good fit for weft hand ties. Application:

Hair is sectioned into “rows” where a beading is applied and crimped on your natural hair, close to the root area. Once the section is outlined, the weft is temporarily pinned in place with a clip. Once set, the weft is sewn-in with thread, and bound to the beads themselves. Maintenance: “Move up,” is what we call it. Eight weeks after the instillation, you come in for an adjustment. The bead is pinched to loosen, then slid up the hair and repositioned. This appointment cannot be missed. It is integral to make sure hair health has remained intact, as too much growth can cause tangles and damage. Re-Application: Another eight weeks after the maintenance, a replication is done. At this point, the beads and hair are fully removed and reinstalled. The same process as the first application Pricing: There are two major factor on pricing for extensions: Hair and Time. Hair: We use two hair companies that have different price points and densities of hair. This allows for a flexibility in budget, as well as individual hair textures. We currently work with Bellami hair and HaloPro hair. Both come in a variety of colors and lengths, to suit each need and budget.

Bellami Hair

They range between $100-250 per package of hair. * Please note, this fluctuation is a base line starting price of color, length, and density. Most people need 1-4 packages of hair depending on end result. Time: The amount of wefts installed can alter the amount of time needed. Some people only require one row, others need four. Sometimes only a half row is needed. The amount of time depends on the end result goal. For these reasons, we require a consultation prior to quoting a price, as many factors can affect the cost. Each person is individual, and no singular price can dictate all services. Investment: The hair is an investment. Proper maintenance is required, and they must be replaced once a year, depending on how they ate maintained. Blending and Haircut: Sometimes the extensions just need a minor blending, other times they might need a style change that will require a haircut. This is discussed during the initial consultation. Good for me? Hand sewn extensions are great for the majority of people, expecially for brides and people who love to wear their hair up. However, very fine and fragile hair might not have the strength to withstand the hand sewn extensions. The beads hold onto the hair, and can allow for too much stress and weight. In these cases, we would suggest a tape-in method. Ready for fun hair flips? Come chat with us and make your long hair dreams come true.

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