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Spring 2023 Hair Trends CHS LOVES

We say it in almost every blog. Hair trends move these days slowly. It's not that hair trends no longer exist. Looks stay around longer. But coming up in Spring, only a few weeks away, we wanted to share some of our absolute favorite hair looks coming for you this 2023 warm weather season!


Blunt Bob

Our precision-trained haircutters are super excited about this trend. Clean looks are rising... less texture and more of a polished finish for our shorter shapes. You will see a rise in chin-length bobs with razor-sharp ends everywhere this year.

Side Parts

Didn't the internet crack in half not that long ago arguing the debate of side parts being "for older people"? Well...everything that was old is now new again. Side parts are coming back! This look is paired with a slick, shiny, low ponytail. A great simple look for the warmer months!

PETER WHITE//GETTY IMAGES Loewe's Spring/Summer 2023 runway.

Color POPS

Color blocking has been one of our favorite color trends to be emerging. Color blocking is when you color the hair in one area, a very dynamic contrasting color to the rest. We also see color blocking done in bangs, which our own Becky and Nicole are currently rocking. It adds an element of creativity without a ton of maintenance.

@bellahadid Instagram Post

Y2K Chunky Highlights

Okay, this nostalgic hair trend is something many of our 90s kids will LOVE. The main difference is this is a touch more subtle than we did back in the day. The chunky element of the highlights will be blended at the root, so they are not as stark looking towards the root area.

Red Head Revival

Copper, cherry, strawberry... you name it; Red Heads will be a look for this coming spring/ summer. We love the look of a killer copper color against a summer tan. The best thing about being a redhead, especially a strawberry blonde, is that the commitment isn't extreme. You can easily fade back to blonde before the fall.


Bed Head

It is the ultimate lived-in look. A little flat, a little frizzy, a little unkempt. The perfect amount of "I don't give a sh**t. "The looks will have a feeling of three days old lived in wave.. nothing glam or beachy- a more intentional hot mess.

What you will see less of...Beach waves. This styling routine will slowly fade out and make way for the revival of the 90's supermodel blow dry... Glam hair is on the rise.

Excited to give one of these looks a go?!


Let's get you Spring/ Summer ready!!




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