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No, no, you are not seeing things. We are talking about perms.

Here is the deal, we love curls and are on a not-so-secret mission to help as many people as possible learn to love their natural texture. So when we heard about a new technology that would change the perm game, we were all ears!

The perm is not the same old stinky perm you once had. New technology was born to remove all the things we hate about perms; the overbearing order is one. The best part of this perm is that its chemistry allows for a scent to be embedded into the perm solution itself, which kicks up a 90's bath and body works smell. Not only sweet but oddly nostalgic!

Aside from the smell, the number two thing people remember or bring up is how damaging perms were. Well, not anymore! Since the early 2000's the hair industry has taken responsibility for the way products to react and live in the hair providing an overall healthier hair strand than the hair was before the use of the products. Far and away, more than focusing on the cosmetic aspect, hair product companies want the hair to repair and be better.

CUE PLEX TECHNOLOGY. Many of you are familiar with Olaplex, but for those that are not, it is a protein treatment that is added to color to reconstruct and strengthen hair after color services, particularly blonding. This perm has plex technology derived from peas that creates the curl pattern and leaves the hair healthier than before the treatment itself. So BYE-BYE frizzy perms, and hello soft stong locks!

The look of the perm has changed too. While perm rods are still a vital tool, the invention of soft bendy rods has allowed us as artists to create greater variety and a more natural-looking curl. A bonus to this new technology is that we are no longer exclusively working with plastic perm rods. For example, past perms would interact with metals, causing a chemical reaction that was very much unwanted. Now we can perm on anything including metal or even skip the rods altogether, perming braids for a more natural-looking bend and bevel—all sorts of texture possibilities.

Lastly, the grow out. This perm does not give a harsh line of demarcation. Meaning when your new hair grows in, it will not look completely different from the permed hair. This is due to the perm being more of a demi-permanent and gradually fades out of the hair. It will become looser and softer over time.

Like all things we bring into the salon it is not only good for your hair, but good to the planet as well. The perm is vegan, cruelty free, sulfate surfactant free and paraben free. YAY!

A few things have stayed the same, like downtime after service. You still need 48 hours without water touching your locks for the bonds to set. Avoid putting your hair up or pulling it back tightly not to disrupt the new curl pattern. Diffusing will always be your new curly hair best friend.

We can go on and on about this perm and all it can do, but we will show you as the months roll on. Check out our Instagram for perm pics and texture solutions soon!! If your interested in talking perms, set up a consultation and let's chat!\

Happy Hair,

Craft House

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