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Get The Best Out Of Your Bang Trim

We strongly encourage clients who wear bangs to come in frequently for bang trims. Bang trims will help maintain your look in-between cuts and refresh your shape. Those new to bangs this season might not know how to come to the salon for a bang-trim appointment. We want you to be able to make the most out of your bang trims, keeping you looking your best,

here are some tips for your next bang trim:

1) Come with Clean Hair

This is one of the most critical points. Dirty hair is a build-up of oils and skin cells that cause the hair to get greasy and clumped together. This prevents thair from moving well or falling naturally from the root.

Your hair sits longer and heavier when dirty, causing the bangs to sit lower than they usually do. When the hair is clean-meaning when you wash your hair, your bangs SHRINK and become shorter. Additionally, dirty hair will be stiffer, clumping together, making the ends look more piece-y than average, and preventing your stylist from being able to texturize properly. This can cause your bangs to look bulkier when rewashed.

Plus... if we are to be 100% honest, it's a tad please come with clean hair.

2) Avoid Heavy Products

Much like dirty hair, a product in your hair can cause bang-trim issues. When your hair is full of products, it is hard to comb through and doesn't lay well. Please do not add hairspray, sticky pastes, or gels to your hair before your appointment.

3) Hats, Headbands, and Clips= Bad News

When you pin your hair back or wear a hat or headband, it causes indentations in your hair. This makes your bangs lay funny. We restyle tour bangs when you come in; however, sometimes, the indentations cannot blow dry or be styled out of your hair. This will cause your bangs to do funky things risking a misshapen bang trim.

4) Glasses

Glasses are an added obstacle when trying to trim bangs. So if you wear glasses full-time, we will ask you to put them on and off to ensure the length and density do not conflict with the glasses themselves.

A special note on glasses- avoid pushing your glasses and sunglasses onto the top of your hair. Your hairline is fragile, and doing this with your glasses will cause breakage causing issues with the shape and density of your bangs.

5) Do Not Wear Lip Gloss

This one is purely for your comfort. When we trim bangs, tiny sharp hairs will fall onto your lips. Lip gloss, chapstick, and lipstick act as glue, and all those little hairs stick to them! It can be itchy and hard to remove the hair and lip gloss.

Coming with your makeup doesn't affect the bangs, but the bang trim may leave you feeling itcher than you would without the makeup.

P .S. You are welcome to hang out for a few extra moments to apply your lip shade after your bang trim.

6) Be on Time

Bang trims are reserved for a 15 min block at Craft House. It would be best if you were on time to get the most out of your appointment with your stylist for an appointment, but because we schedule only a tiny amount of time, it's even more critical for bang trims. No one wants a rushed or flustered stylist when it comes to cleaning up your bangs! If you are late, you will likely have to reschedule or wait until your stylist can step away from their current client.

We hope this helped prepare you best for your next bang trim, and we look forward to seeing you! If you have any questions, drop a comment or an email; we would be happy to help!



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