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Earth Month- Our Water Story

One of the biggest wastes in the salon is water. Since opening our salon five years ago, we have been working with Eco heads. A water-saving shower head that makes your shampoo experience lovely. As a sustainable salon, we often need to remember what we do daily, albeit just part of our ethos, and the way of our business might be unknown to you. So we will highlight one area in which we do our part daily to protect our planet.

Water-Saving and Eco Friendly

Droughts in California and lead poisoning in Michigan are just the tip of the (rapidly melting) iceberg. Our once-endless flow of clean, fresh water is under threat around the globe and the tensions amidst our growing populations continue to intensify as short supply threatens communities around the world.

But instead of simply harping on about water conservation, we’ve taken steps to reduce use in our salon without any compromise whatsoever on our level of care and commitment to you. In fact, you might report the opposite!

We are very proud to announce that following the installation of ECOHEADS showerheads on each of our backwash stations, we have been saving more than 100 gallons of water per basin each and every day. As we’ve got four that adds up to 412 gallons saved every day.

That’s 2472 gallons saved each week and 10,712 of gallons saved every month.

We know our salon can’t change the world all on its own, but we are part of a bigger movement within the beauty industry. ECOHEADS only arrived in the States in 2016, but by the end of the year, considerate salons, which like us, were among the first to embrace this environmentally conscious product, were saving more than 5.5 million gallons of water every week. Not only are we saving water, we’ve also been part of the construction of a fresh water well in El Salvador that was built in partnership with a non-profit called The Thirst Project. This well was funded by our salon among others when we invested in the water saving technology from ECOHEADS partner and sustainable salon tool provider, Sustain Beauty Co.

While our water pressure is the star of the show, our clean water may be our best kept secret. Learn more about the ECOHEADS filtration process that leads to the cleanest and most luxurious rinse in town.

The Experience

At your next hair appointment, you can sit back and relax with even greater confidence that you’ve picked the best beauty artisans. Why? As we shampoo your hair, we’re only using the cleanest, safest and most luxurious water when we rinse thanks to our commitment to clean water and water conservation. We’ve recently introduced some eco-champion showerheads from ECOHEADS on every one of our backwash sinks, which was fueled by our intent to reduce water waste, but they bring even more benefits. While each head has a sub-micron plate to increase water pressure even as it reduces water flow, the real genius of ECOHEADS is the unique 2 step filtration process to ensure water is free of any contaminants.

This means that whatever the water pressure coming through our water system, the pressure coming out of our showerheads is consistent and set at the optimum rate to gently massage the scalp and stimulate blood flow. These cool looking showerheads also generate negative ions during the process, softening the water and ensuring a firm, yet gentle stream of deionized water coating your strands. Did I mention genius?

We work hard to ensure every element of your visit surpasses your expectations every time and we believe our new ECOHEADS showerheads will help us deliver the best service possible. So next time you visit, sit back, relax and enjoy the best backwash experience possible.


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