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Winter Favorites - Must Have Beauty & Haircare from the CHS Team

Winter is a great time to transition to another beauty ritual. As the seasons change, so do our hair and skin. We thought it would be a great time to share each of our stylists at Craft House Salon has dropped their Winter beauty and hair must-haves!! Drop a comment with any questions or chat about what products would be best suited for you at your next appointment!

Allie's Go-To Must-Haves:

Hair care: Dede mist and oil nonoil. Added moisture without the weight!

Beauty: I only Wear mascara and tinted brows, my go-to is usually Maybelline

Annie's Go-To Must-Haves:

HAIRCARE: I always use hot tools so I love the Renaissance Circle mask when I feel like I need an extra boost of moisturizer in my hair. Especially on my ends!

BEAUTY: Witch Baby body butter are so beautiful on dry skin! I especially love the Basic Witch one because it’s fragrance-free and I can use it on new tattoos!

Becky's Go-To Must-Haves:

Haircare: Davines oi milk. It leaves just the right amount of moisture in my hair without weighing it down, and makes it soft and shiny.

Beauty: Krave oat so simple moisturizer. In a world filled with fragranced products, this moisturizer has a shortlist of ingredients and has zero fragrance. It’s lightweight and can be layered for when the skin is drier than usual. I use the whole line of Krave products, but this is my most essential!

Hannah's Go-To Must-Haves:



Dana's Go-To Must-Haves:

HAIRCARE: Heart of glass shampoo and conditioner for blondes is AMAZING!!! It not only nourishes the hair but also balances unwanted tones in the blonde, and makes it silky and shiny!

BEAUTY:: first aid beauty face cleanser and moisturizer are great for my combination skin. It moisturizes without being too greasy

Isabelle's Go-To Must-Haves:

HAIRCARE: love smoothing perfect or amazing for those smooth blowdries in the winter time & very moisturizing!

BEAUTY: I love a great tinted moisturizer (clinique) to keep my skin bronzed and moisturized in the wintertime!

Laura's Go-To Must-Haves:

HAIRCARE: Sea salt jelly to create the textured look that my hair doesn’t naturally do on its own while also extending my shampoos

BEAUTY: Ponds! It’s old school. As someone the wears a lot of makeup, it’s the better way to break down those layers while feeling extra hydrated when that dry winter air is here.

Liz's Go-To Must-Haves:

HAIRCARE: Davines Texturizing Dust. Hold and texture without the sticky feeling a hairspray can sometimes leave. PLUS! There's no smell, fragrance sensitive peeps can also indulge in awesome voluminous hair.

BEAUTY: Alpha Ret Overnight Cream! "This has absolutely changed my skin. Smoothed it out and added retinoids without irritation. Its been a staple in my skin routine for a couple of years now

Mallory's Go-To Must-Haves:

HAIRCARE: Cult & King's Style cream. It packs a lot of moisture and shine into the hair without it feeling heavy or weighed down

BEAUTY: Egyptian Magic Cream. "This cream is the best lip balm, moisturizer sealer all purpose cream ever. It saves my skin from drying out all Fall and Winter long".

Nicole's Go-To Must-Haves:

HAIRCARE: Curl moisture mousse is my favorite it leaves the hair super soft and moisturized without it feeling crunchy when it dries and it's water-soluble to you can get multiple uses out of one application!

BEAUTY: Mascara and blush! I love putting blush where most people bronze their faces. I feel it lifts the face and just makes you look sun-kissed

Rachel's Go-To Must-Haves:

HAIRCARE: More Inside Dry Texture Spray Makes fine hair that “second day dirty” so it holds volume/style and has grit.

BEAUTY: Collagen powder in my coffee!! Works from the inside out!! Joints and ligaments of course but hair skin and nails glow!

Sarah's Go-To Must-Haves:

HAIRCARE : Davines Oi oil leaves the hair shiny and smells amazing. Helps with frizz and is overall a great finishing product that’s not too heavy.

BEAUTY: Laneige lip sleeping mask, it’s so moisturizing and definitely has saved my lips, especially in the winter!

We hope these Winter faves turn you on to a new 'MUST HAVE' product and help your Winter beauty ritual be better than ever.

Always here to offer suggestions and help you out!!

Connect with us through email at or call us at 732-291-8777

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