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Trim, Dusting, Just a Little Off The Top... Are ALL HAIRCUTS.

Want to know the real difference between a haircut versus a trim?

Drumroll, please...


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Were you expecting a grand explanation of the complexities in which the two services differ? Sorry to disappoint, but to us, there is virtually no difference between a client coming into the salon for "just a trim" or a "haircut."

From a customer's perspective, we may be seen as service providers who execute routine maintenance, much like getting your oil changed. Instead of pulling into the Jiffy Lube and getting the whole work up on your car, you only need your oil topped off. So naturally, that would cost less than the 'whole shebang.' The services of adding oil to the vehicle versus doing an oil change, adding wiper fluid, checking the tiers, and whatever else goes into the maintenance takes significantly less time and labor.

The same goes for when you only want to cut a 1/4" inch off the length and not a full inch, right?


Unlike getting your car-maintained hairstylist can not cut your hair without going through all the same exact steps each time. We consult, cleanse, cut, style, refine, and discuss home care when you come in for a haircut. This process can not change without the risk of having a breakdown in quality. (No one wants that!)

The time it takes to cut off a 1/4 inch or 6 inches is precisely the same. When you come in for a haircut, you are essentially paying for time, knowledge, expertise, and execution of a service, and it has nothing to do with how much hair you wish to come off.

Haircutting requires a deep knowledge of architectural application regarding the head shape. Plus, knowledge of anatomy - bone structure, muscle groupings, face shape, hair growth patterns, and hair texture. Then combine those two factors and understand the complexities of how the length of your hair can affect the overall look and functionality of your haircut. And believe it or not, a "little trim" can sometimes be more complex than removing extensive length.

Experienced hairstylists spend countless hours honing their skills, place significant investments in education and advanced training, and have expanded knowledge that allows the timing of services to be less relevant. When you are paying for a haircut, you are paying for the time you have reserved with your stylist and the years of experience that aided in the execution of the craft.

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At the end of the day, it is not how much hair comes off during a haircut that sets the value of the service. Knowing what to leave on is more important than how much is left on the floor when you leave.

In short.


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