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These are the three things everyone needs in their shower for healthy hair!

Updated: May 19, 2022

Having a proper hair cleansing routine is imperative for healthy hair. This blog shares with you the basics of what you need for maintaining healthy hair. While masks, treatments, and specialty products are all fantastic elements to have in your hair care routine, these elements are the building blocks that lay the foundation for great hair.

Shampoo & Conditioner

It is surprising how many people don't have both shampoo and conditioner in their hair maintenance routine. You must use both from a chemistry perspective, or you are harming your hair.

Do you know what happens when shampoo touches your hair and scalp?

It's fascinating.

Shampoo alters the PH of your hair temporarily by softening and swelling your hair cuticle. When the PH shifts, it opens up your hair. The surfactants in shampoo that allow for bubbles and sudds provide friction removing unwanted grime from the hair. Between altering the PH and suds, dirt, oils, products, and external elements can be removed from the hair.

Once the shampoo is rinsed through your hair, the PH needs to be returned to its normal state, and that's where the conditioner comes in.

Conditioner, when applied, closes and compacts the hair cuticle back down. Doing so prevents unwanted elements from entering back into the hair shaft, causing damage.

Additionally, conditioner is also a cosmetic to your hair. When you choose your conditioner appropriate for your hair density, you can also pick other qualities like smoothing or illuminating properties to enhance your hair.

Most people who skip conditioners do so because of the weight; that is why Davines has DEDE leave-in mist. Lightweight enough for even the finest of hair.

Without closing the hair cuticle after shampooing, you are causing your hair color to fade faster, dehydrating your ends which will lead to breakage.

Detox or Clarifying Shampoo

Why would I need that? Here is the deal.

Sometimes you need a little extra UMPH for your hair to be truly cleansed. Especially in the Spring months when pollen is more abundant and can cause build-up. When you use a clarifying shampoo, like Davines' Solu shampoo. Solu's active ingredient is the Valtellina buckwheat extract. Interestingly, the buckwheat in SOLU was grown on the farm of Mr. Patrizio Mazzuchelli in Teglio, Sondrio, Italy as a part of Slow Food Presidia. This buckwheat is rich in proteins, antioxidants, amino acids, and mineral salts, especially iron, zinc, and selenium.

Doing a clarifying shampoo twice a month will not only deep clean your hair and scalp but also help maintain your body and bounce to your hair. Build up from product on your ends can cause weight to pull down your style. Additionally, clarifying or detox shampoos help remove additional oils that prevent moisture from entering your hair.

Careful though... Overuse of clarifying or detox shampoos can cause damage, and it is essential to check in with your stylist to see how to incorporate them into your cleaning rituals.

Wide-tooth Comb or Wet-to-Dry Brush

Detangling your hair in the shower is one of the best things you can do for your hair health. When your hair is wet, it is in its most vulnerable state. Using a wet-to-dry brush or wide tooth comb is gentle enough to detail the hair without putting significant stress on your ends that could potentially cause breakage. After you apply your conditioner we recommend using either a wet-to-dry brush or wide tooth comb to distribute and detangle your hair before rinsing your conditioner out. Doing so will help spread your conditioner evenly, avoiding splotchy application. You will also be able to detangle your hair painlessly!

Not sure where to get ether? Here is a link:

Don't sweat it if you currently don't have all three! We are happy to help set you up with a routine that suits you best!

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