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Put Down the Protein Products

and back away slowly...

Can you relate to this:

When you walk through Target and stroll past the shampoo and conditioner, isn't it amazing how many brands push protein-based solutions for your hair and suddenly feel like you need to fix your hair?

It happens to many of us, but here is the real deal...

Cold hard fact: Protein should be left to the professionals and strictly used in the salon.

But how come so many companies sell protein shampoo, conditioner, and styling products? It must be good for me, right?


Much like makeup and trending colors, hair care has trending solutions. Buzzwords include hydrating, color-locking, protein building, heat protection, all trends in haircare to drive sales. Most of these buzz words on products are fine, primarily do the job they state to do—all but protein.

A few years back, brands like Olaplex hit the market as a profesional tool to aid in hair coloring. It started out as a color additive to protect the protein bonds in the hair when lightening or coloring compromised hair. It worked like literal magic and took off in popularity in salons. Since then, other lines have caught wind of the success and expanded on the concept of pushing protein haircare up the WAZOO; because it works in the salon, it should work at home too...

Here is where the issue lies. Is that as a consumer, you would assume:

Protein = Stronger Hair

Stronger hair = Healthy hair

Healthy hair = Happy

In all actuality it goes more like this:

Protein = Stiff Hair Stiff Hair = Fragile Hair

Fragile Hair= Sad

Listen, if your hair weren't made up of mainly protein-based fibers, all would be good with protein-based hair care. Keratin is the main protein in your hair, and when healthy hair isn't lacking in protein, it can cause a build-up called over proteinized hair. Causing the hair to appear dull, dry, and become brittle.

The brittle factor makes your hair susceptible to breakage.

So many times as a stylist, we see this type of breakage. People come in perplexed about what is happening to their hair and "why this breakage keeps happening" because, as you know, they "are using good shampoo and conditioner."

Over potentized hair is one of the leading causes of hair breakage within the home hair care regimens.

So what should you be using?

A shampoo and conditioner that provides hydration and moisture. Both of which the majority of textures need and lack. Most people struggle with finding the proper shampoo and conditioner for their hair; when a product is either too light- not hydrating enough, or too heavy- causing a more weighed down flat texture, it can be frustrating.

We carry Davines hair care because of the versatility in the line, providing multiple options and combinations of products for our clients' needs. There is no one-size-fits-all product, and yes, it may come with some trial and error, but rarely have clients disappointed. As long as you avoid protein-based products (unless specifically recommended by a professional), we can find the perfect combo to keep your hair looking and feeling flawless when you are not in our chair.

Need to talk more about this? Drop us love not into our email, and we can recommend what would work best for you!


Want to check out more on Davines Shampoo & Conditioner? Here is a link to our online store.

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