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Is Your water killing your color?

Your water could be killing your hair color & texture …. and you wouldn’t even know it.

Hard water, we have all head that term, but do you know what it is? Hard water has a high mineral content that could be affecting your hair, skin and nails, in a not so wonderful way.

How you may ask? Hard water, or high mineral content water, can slowly and consistently cause a buildup on your hair. It is the most obviously abusive for blondes, especially when it comes to maintaining tone. While a normal amount of fading is expected regarding glaze or toners, at no point in time should blonde get darker. If you leave the salon with awesome bright blonde hair, and a week later feel darker, brassy or green, hard water is the likely offender.

Iron is the biggest culprit of damaging color. It is typically a rust color, and if your water fixtures have a brown or orange build up, it is likely your hair is also getting that same build up. You, my friend, are not dealing with a colorist who doesn’t understand you—you have hard water.

For darker hair or curls, your water damage may be less obvious, and could be in the form of a brittle feeling. Lifeless, heavy hair is another effect that high mineral water can have on your locks. Curls can lay limp and not fully form.

Frustrated? Upset? Totally understandable, but here are a few things you can do:

1) Clarify Weekly - Using a clarifying shampoo like Solu (Davines) once a week can remove a lot of unwanted impurities. 2) Baking Soda - Add baking soda to your clarifying shampoo every other week for some extra detoxifying. It acts like a exfoliant, brushing off additional build up. 3) Detox Treatments - Let it GO (Davines) is a conditioning treatment that can help recondition and give extra softness, while kicking some extra unwanted stuff off your hair. Purchase a water filter that grabs excess mineral buildup before it hits your hair and skin. You can purchase one on Amazon. A few of our guests have ordered the one mentioned below, and the company will even direct you on the specific filters needed for your area. Here is the link:

But you don’t have to worry about hard water when coming to the salon. Our shampoo shower heads act as filters, collecting minerals and build up. The Eco-heads use ionic charcoal for a smoother, healthier blow dry. BONUS: they are super water friendly, using 60% less than ordinary shower heads. Unsure if you have hard water? You can purchase water testing strips at your local hardware store. Or, next time you are in for color, have one of us check your hair. We would love to help keep your hair in the best, most HAPPY shape.


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