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Inspo Pictures & the Deceptive Reality

This is a wig… not real hair.

Pinterest, Instagram, blogs, OH MY! There are endless options for inspiration and motivation for hair goals. Pinterest boards filled with blondes, waves, and chic bobs, all help you narrow down what you want to look and feel like. We all have them, and there is no shame in sharing!

Some people tend to think we hate when pictures are brought to us for inspiration, but that’s not true … for the most part. We love to see what you want with your color and cut, to have a baseline understanding of what your goals are. But—and this is a BIG BUT—pictures are not always what they seem to be.

Let’s focus on color first. Say, for instance, a picture is brought in of a beautiful ice-blonde color. I look, and what do I see first? A filtered Pinterest picture. A beautiful girl with perfectly styled beach waves, and, wait for it … extensions, or better yet a wig! Icy blond platinum extensions, next to an almost black root color. The awesome and extreme contrast is beautiful, but it comes as a hard reality that this color is FAKE. Sometimes as consumers, we’re looking at the picture, thinking YES, I want this! But as stylists and colorists, we have to break it down to what the reality is, and often times deliver news that isn’t well received.

Image from Pinterest, unknown source Also a wig, not real hair.

In order to achieve the overall look, the harsh truth is that the color might have to be done in multiple steps, or multiple appointments. The look could be extremely high maintenance, requiring return appointments every four weeks. Even more upsetting to hear is perhaps the color is not possible at all for the texture or current hair integrity. At the risk of being a broken record, are you truly committed to the maintenance? Because if not, you’re wasting your money and you would be better suited for something less high maintenance. Then is the conversation of the hair styling. Perhaps that mega dimensional look really only POPS because the hair is curled. Every day, the hair would have to be styled to achieve the look, which is huge commitment. If not, the color risks looking stripy or off and bad.

Blue/ purple filtered on the image used enhance the blonde. Not real.

We never want to say ‘no,’ but it’s our job to provide realistic expectations. Figuring out what elements work in a color, how it fits into a normal daily routine, and recommending home care products is what we strive to achieve. The same is true for cuts. Hair texture, styling, length, and face shapes are all things taken into consideration. As professionals, we must take the inspirational photos and adjust them to cater to wants and needs, while staying in the reality of what can be achieved. So the next time your Pinteresting, take the photo that you’re drooling over and look at the details. Know that we can make adjustments and work towards your goals, but a photo snapped for one second in time may not be a reality. Fear not, we will make sure you look damn good when you leave our chair!

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