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Have you ever heard the saying, "Your hair gets used to a shampoo if you use it for too long ?"

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Well, it's not true. It's not necessarily your hair that gets used to a shampoo or conditioner; your hair and scalp need something different from what you are currently giving it.

Changing seasons = time for new shampoo & conditioner.

The humidity, temperature, and your environment are all factors that should bring about this change. So we break it down for you and what to expect in the coming season. These suggestions are general and suggest a chat with your stylist for a personalized product calendar.


Ever notice your scalp gets a little red, itchy, or dehydrated during the brutally cold months? That's because of the lack of moisture in the air and the dry heat blasting every place you go. These environmental changes can lead to a dehydrated scalp and hair.

Using something more moisturizing in the winter months is a must! Our go-to in the winter is Davines Love Curl Shampoo & Conditioner. This moisturizing duo is the best not only to give your hair the hydration it needs but also because it contains an extract from the Noto Almond. It is super nourishing for hair and scalp(and yes none curly people can use it).

However, if your hair needs a bit more, Davines Quick Fix Circle is unique. It's developed with hyaluronic acid to deliver beautiful hair in just three minutes. Plus a great way to make a DIY spa day at home on your snow days.


Whether it's rainy, windy, or just a beautiful sunny day, a staple for the Spring is Davines Momo Shampoo & Conditioner. It's still a moisturizing shampoo & conditioner, but lighter weight, so most textures can enjoy it without worrying about being weighed down.

April and May make a great time to swap out your styling products as the humidity rentering the atmosphere causes hair to be more challenging to style.


Humidity and UV rays are something to consider. This is when the scalp and hair take a beating. Your scalp and hair need EXTRA loving, especially if you're a blonde after all the fun in the sun and chlorinated pools. Hydration is necessary to prevent your locks from becoming crispy, feeling, and looking.

Thank goodness Davines has something for all times of the year. The Su line is a perfect addition to your summertime routine. A hair & body wash (super convenient, especially if you're a traveler) is delicate but hydrating for after sun use. Su/hair milk, our personal favorite, is a fantastic leave-in conditioner that protects your hair from the sun's rays. Even a hair mask helps nourish sun-exposed hair, leaving it soft and silky. Did we mention that they all smell amazing?


Back to school season comes so fast, but that also means it's time to assess your hair & scalp for any damage caused by the summer months. Maybe we didn't put that hat on or use Su Milk to protect our hair, and it just needs to be revived a little. Davines Melu shampoo & conditioner keeps hair healthy and protected from breakage. This duo has lentil seed extract, meaning they contain amino acids that help to rebuild fragile hair.

Our favorite to pair with this cleansing system is Cult + King TONIK. Herbal & organic ingredients in this sustainable spray help to moisturize the scalp, hair follicle, and the hair strands themselves.

Next time, before you start hating your hair and threatening to shave it because it won't do anything you like, ask yourself this: Is it time to change my styling and hair care products? Odds are your hair needs something different his time of year.

If you need a new personalized product regimen, we would be happy to help. Send an email here for help getting the products you need.

If you know what you need and don't have time to get to the salon, here is a link to our online store sent right to your doorstep!


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