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Dry scalp

Bye, Bye Dry scalp… Ugh, we all have it.

That little white halo on our sweater. Bleck!

Then the freak out starts, “DO I HAVE DANDRUFF?!? OH EMMM GEEEEEEE, GROSS!”

Odds are, you don’t. Dandruff is pretty rare and typically denotes a health issue, which is confusing considering the massive amount of wrong information. Even medical-based websites are somewhat misleading and ill informing. True dandruff is a fungus. This fungus lives on the scalps of most healthy adults without causing any problems, and one theory is that the immune system of someone with dandruff may overreact to that fungus.

Less common are yeast infections on the scalp, which can look and act much like dandruff. These are contagious. When seen, they are yellow, oily, and sometimes smelly. They look like fish scales, which suffocate the scalp causing hair loss and brittleness. (In 17 years, we have seen it once, so don’t get all googling and ‘Web-MD-y’ on us. )


Dry skin does not = dandruff

Most people have Dry Skin this time of year. Our lips, legs, and hands feel and look ten years older than they did in September. Since your skin, the largest organ in your body, reacts similarly all over, and it isn’t surprising that your scalp reacts equally as dry.

So what's a person to do?


Invest in a scalp spray, like TONIK by Cult & King. Ours provides moisture and balancing properties to restore the PH of your scalp and correct overly oily or dry issues.


Next, make sure you are not going to bed with a wet head or air drying your hair this time of year. The damp moisture for prolonged periods creates a breeding ground for scalp issues. Make sure to use the blow dryer to dry your root area at the very least.


Switch to more moisturizing products and avoid volumizers sprayed onto the root. Volum building products typically have alcohol as a base ingredient which is fairly drying. Switching to a product applied with your fingers will help you avoid placing the extra product on your scalp, helping avoid additional dehydration.


Nah, not covid style- a hair mask! A once a week deep conditioning treatment will do wonders for your scalp's moisture level. Our go-to fave is our Circle Chronicles Purity mask. For $11 it's the most affordable and effective treatment we have ever seen!


Scrubs and detox shampoos are super helpful this time of year. Adding moisture and exfoliation are the two key ways to clear away the dull, old dead skin scales.


Over-the-counter treatments like Head and Shoulders contain super heavy chemicals that hide the issue. When you discontinue use, the problem comes back with a vengeance, causing you to be hooked on a terrible product.

Lastly, come talk to us. We even have in salon treatments to help you this time of year.

As always with any questions reach out to us!!



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