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Don't Skip the Conditioner


We know you, the one with fine hair who struggles to get lift and bounce. You wash your hair with your favorite shampoo and then bop on out of the shower, skipping the conditioner. The intention is to avoid the flat-head look.

Well, what if we told you] this was WRONG. So very wrong. Here is the most scientific explanation of shampoo and conditioner you may ever need to read.

Shampoo has the role of removing oils, dirt, and products. Everyone knows that, but what they don't know is that shampoo plays a vital role in your hair's PH scale. On average, your hair sits in the range between 4.5-5 PH, and shampoo has a slightly higher acidic level between 5-7 PH.

Under a microscope, your hair looks like shingles on a roof. When shampoo hits the strand, it softens and swells the outer, later known as the cuticle. The shampoo opens the cuticle, allowing a small amount to be removed from the hair strand. When that happens, the cuticle remains open and will do so until the PH level is restored. Returning to the chemistry part of the hair, It's crucial for a more alkaline product to be used.

CUE THE CONDITIONER! Conditioner rests between 4-7 on the PH scale. Once applied, the hair is restored to a lower PH level, tightening the cuticle and protecting the external ick from entering the core of your hair. Ultimately, conditioner is not only a moisturizer but a huge protecting factor. Without conditioner, the hair cuticle will remain open, and the hair's health and quality will be damaged over time.

What about colored hair?

If you don't use conditioner, you shouldn't even bother with a gloss, being a redhead, or maintaining any degree of shine to your color. Every time you shampoo, a small amount of the color molecule is being removed. Without closing your cuticle with conditioner, the PH will remain fragile, and your hair more susceptible to fading.

I know you're thinking, "But my hair will be so flat." You don't need to use traditional cream-based conditioners to restore your PH and help maintain the health of your hair.

Spray-in conditioners are a great option as they are physically lighter and less limiting when styling more delicate textures.

Dede Mist by Davines is an excellent option. It can be used post shampoo or as a styling aid to return moisture to dehydrated hair.

Cult & King has Tonik, also a spray-in conditioner, to maintain moisture and shine.

Without conditioner, your hair will become brittle over time and lose shine and elasticity.

Show some love to your locks, and make sure you're using a conditioner!!



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