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A Collection for Connecting

Welcome to the walls of Craft House, Kristin!! We are thrilled to have Kristin's artwork in our space and feel honored to play home to it for a short time until her pieces find their way to their permanent home.

Kirstin is the sole artist behind Shen Magnolia Collections.

Create timeliness, back-ink, floral- botanical, and mandala art

Create what makes her feel good in hopes it will make others feel good.

Bring light to mind-body awareness through various artwork pieces, which encompasses true meaning for all beings to reflect on for years to come.

Kristin's dream is to continue creating art that integrates the mind &body experience as she works as a (future) Doctor of Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine.

She aims to influence others to create and hope that her botanical creations remind people of the importance of connecting with their roots and nature to fulfill harmony within.

Kristin's artwork will be gracing our walls from February & March.

We invite you all to take time to explore the salon while Kristin's beautiful work hangs in the salon.


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