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2021 Summer Hair Trends

The '70s called and it wants its hair back...

Truthfully the past year being cooped up didn't leave much time for styles to transition as quickly as we would normally see.

Some of the old haunts from last year are sticking around, and we aren't too mad about it.

Curtain Bangs

A great option for the person who doesn't want a huge commitment to bang. We love this soft sweeping look as it fits most hair textures and face shapes. The biggest deciding factor is how long or short you want the curtain bangs to be.

Mullet/ Shag

The shag has been a look for years now. It's a classic, and not going anywhere any time soon. Although, the mullet is trying for the 900th time to make a stake in the trending fashion world. Currently being sported by many celebs, we see this up-and-coming trend being a short-lived thing. But maybe 2021 will be the year of the mullet? What do you think?

Sunshine Blonde

Platinum and white have had their fun, now it is time for a more natural bright blonde. The sunshine blonde is a warmer take on the classic platinum. We love this look as we think it is more suitable for most skin tones and easier to maintain in the Summer months.

So what do you think? Will you be sporting one of these looks?

As always we support any color, length, and texture and while trends are fun to hear about your own unique and individual style is always preferred!


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