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Craft House and Hourly

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

At Craft House Salon, we've always cherished the concept of individuality. Each client brings a distinctive vision, unique style, and a personal narrative to our salon, in keeping with our unwavering commitment to offering you a highly personalized salon experience with hourly pricing.

The transition to hourly pricing reflects our profound dedication to your unique beauty.

Why this shift?

The answer is simple:

It's about you.

Tailored Combinations for You

Hourly pricing empowers us to approach everyone as the one-of-a-kind individual they are. No two heads of hair are alike, and your beauty journey should encapsulate the uniqueness that defines you.

Hourly pricing allows us to create customized combinations of techniques and services precisely aligned with your objectives and desires. Your hair is as singular as you are and deserves a truly personalized touch.

Flexibility and Personalized Service:

Charging per hour offers a more personalized and flexible experience. Instead of adhering to rigid service timing and pricing, you can enjoy the freedom to choose the specific treatments and services they require within the allotted time. This approach empowers you and our artists to tailor the salon experience to meet your needs, ensuring you receive precisely what you desire and eliminating unnecessary or redundant services.

Plus, now you don't have to worry about "booking the wrong thing." All you need to do is reach out and ask us how much time we need with you and reserve time for that session.

(See Session Menu HERE)

Pricing Transparency

Hourly pricing mirrors our steadfast commitment to transparency and inclusivity and ensures that our pricing structure remains transparent and easy to comprehend. Whether your aspirations involve a quick touch-up, a traditional cut, a Curly Cut, or a comprehensive transformation, you'll always clearly understand what to anticipate at checkout. We can allocate the time necessary to reach your goals in a way that aligns with your budget and timing. Our team will commit to an hourly rate that will cross all services, allowing you the ability to clearly know what your investment will cost. This pricing model eliminates the ambiguity surrounding service-based pricing, where you may feel uncertain about the final cost or worry about hidden charges like our current color overage charges. We believe that charging per hour fosters a sense of trust and fairness, which resounds with our core beliefs.

Devotion to Our Craft

Our transition to hourly pricing enables us to provide more focused and less hurried services. This change is about providing you with the complete attention you merit. Gone are the rushed appointments or a one-size-fits-all approach. You may have noticed the increasing snugness within our space. e will no longer be double booking services and can invest more time and care into your hair. This change signifies our ability to concentrate on our craft. We opened CRAFT House solely to hone the attention of our craft. We have done our best to fit you all in whatever capacity we can, but it is impacting our core ability to provide you with the full potential of what our artists can do.

Your Feed Back

We have always been open to hearing your feedback, which greatly impacted us- We received emails, texts, and calls that helped shape part of this decision. We were told that you didn't like an apprentice blow-dry and preferred your stylist. We heard it was hard to get an appointment in the salon. We heard that it felt too busy in the space. Plus countless others...

We heard you loud and clear, and it matters to us that your experience is consistent and enjoyable.

So what does this mean?

Starting November 1st, this will be our approach for all new clients. On December 1st, our new booking structure will take effect for all clients. However, if you have an existing appointment on the schedule from now until December 31st; there will be no changes to your current pricing and/or timing. We value and respect our relationship immensely and feel it is the most ethical approach to our changes.

We recognize that the shift to hourly pricing may raise inquiries and are here to guide you. Our team is readily available to provide insights into the anticipated duration of your session, guaranteeing that you always receive a service that caters to your needs.

We value our relationship. We love our time together, and we are so very excited to make this shift. We know it will provide you with the best experience possible.

With Love and Respect❤️✌️,


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