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100% happiness.

Our house rules. Not sure if you’ve seen them on our website, but I want to touch on one that I hold dear: 100% happiness. Now, this doesn’t mean we walk around with big cheesy smiles all day, or expect that from you when you walk through our doors. That would just be silly. What 100% happiness means is that we want you to love your hair and experience. Not only do we want you to be happy, we would like you to tell us when you are not 100% happy. Here is what happens: you come in for your color or cut … and we just don’t nail it. We are human, sometimes we aren’t perfect, so it isn’t unreasonable for there to be a shape or tone that didn’t work. Some people think, “Eh, it’s cool. I’ll be back in four weeks. I’ll tell her then,” which is awesome because this gives us the opportunity to make you love your hair again at your next appointment. What stinks is that you walked around for a month not thrilled at what you were seeing in the mirror.

Now, sometimes this is what happens, “Wow, what a miss. I’ll go somewhere else.” Ouch! Harsh, but not really. If you aren’t happy, didn’t feel heard, or you just didn’t like your experience, it’s understandable to want to move on. Most people don’t feel comfortable expressing disappointment or dissatisfaction. What stinks is that we had no idea you were unhappy with your hair, or us. The 100% happiness rule was created to have open dialogue about hair loves and blahs. We want to know when something isn’t working. For one, we grow and get better by having a clear understanding of what your goals are. Secondly, it gives us a chance to correct whatever the issue is and establish a deeper trust in the future. Lastly, and the most truthful reason, is that we genuinely like you. You are not only our guest, we are pals. At the end of the day we don’t look back on our schedule and regret doing anyone’s hair. We love our conversations, relationships, and value you as a person. We look forward to seeing you, hearing about your life, and being supportive to you when needed. Knowing you left and moved on without us knowing why is sad. I still think about the clients I don’t get to cut anymore. I wonder how they are doing. Did they get the new job they mentioned last time they were in? Did their child get into the college they wanted? Was that lump they got biopsied negative? Are they ok? Thoughts flood through our minds. Then I wonder, should I reach out? Would they be uncomfortable? Am I thinking too much into the relationship? Maybe, but when a client leaves it’s more personal that one might think. We decided to give the 100% happiness rule not only about your hair, but about the trust and communication that we want for our relationship. Now, this could be abused, and we know YOU would not abuse it, but this rule does not apply to a change of heart. So maybe someone decides to go brown after being blonde for seventeen years. They love it in the salon, and then they get home. It doesn’t feel like them. Their makeup doesn’t look the same, and their favorite pink shirt no longer works. Then, their husband asks, “When will you go back to blonde?” Oof, it hits: they hate their new look. Sadly, that is not a re-do or correction. They made a choice, we followed through with the awesome transition ... and they changed their mind. It’s like going to a favorite restaurant where you always get the pasta, and one night you choose to mix it up and get the chicken. You eat the chicken, tell the waitress you love it and go home. When you get home, you call the restaurant and request to come back in for a free meal because you wish you had your normal order. Now let’s say you love the change, and a week has gone by and maybe something is quite right, and it needs adjustment. Call or email us and we will have you come back in to look over your hair. In short, we do what we do not only because we love hair, but we love making you feel good. Please know that the 100% happiness rule is about communication and knowing you can always be honest without fear of being uncomfortable. We are only a call, email, DM, or smoke signal away!


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