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MARCH! The perfect time to deep clean your beauty routine.

Does this sound familiar?

You wake up in the morning, hop in the shower and cleanse your hair. Pull out the blow dryer, find your favorite brush and open the cabinet door to find 60 hair products that don't work? Then rummage around trying to find something to put in your hair, grabbing something out of frustration.

You wouldn't be alone. Most of us have tons of unnecessary products taking up precious real estate in our bathrooms. Today we will take you through a fast and easy way to clear the clutter leaving you with only the products you will need.

Expiration Date

The first thing to do is go through all the products beyond their expiration date and toss them. This can be found on the back of every product with a symbol like this:

The more clean the product is(meaning organic or natural), the smaller the number will be listed. As a general rule of thumb, most styling products are between 6 months to 2 years. If you can not remember when the product is purchased - toss it.

Damage, Discoloration, or Rust

If any of these products look off, it is time to say goodbye. Not always is this very obvious, but if you notice splitting at the seams in plastics or rust on any cans, it is time to get rid of them. Small breaks in packaging can allow bacteria to build up within the product. Even though most products have a preservative, they can still breed bacteria. Bacteria can cause all different issues with your scalp and hair. Not worth holding onto any product for that risk.


Oh, yeah, if it stinks, it's done. If you smell it and it has an off or odd odor, it went bad! Just like food, hair products will spoil when the time is up. Plus, why would you want something in your hair that stinks? Please get rid of it.


If you used a product once and didn't like it, it is possible that you might not have used it correctly. Suppose the product was a professional product check-in with your stylist as to how to use the product better. However, ff the product was used for its intended purpose, and you still didn't like the way it performed in your hair, give it away. No need to keep something that isn't serving you ever!


Everyone's hair has different needs based on the intending look to be achieved. That being said, most hair needs three specific products—one for moisture, one for memory, and one for finishing.

Moisture can be in the form of a leave-in conditioner or serum, all hair needs this, but depending on your hair texture, you may need a heavier or lighter product. This should be applied after the shower while the hair is damp and the first layer of product used in your hair.

Memory is the following product to be layered over your moisturizing product. Gel, mousse, volume sprays, styling sprays, and serums would all fall under this category. This will aid in styling your hair and holding the intended shape.

FInishing products range greatly. These products will be used last after your heat styling is finished to add definition and hold to your hair, from hairspray to pastes.

Hopefully, after going through our cleanout, you only have a few products left that you love at the end of this. You may have wound up throwing it all out or wanting to start over. That is excellent; a fresh start sometimes creates even better results. We would love to help you rebuild your hair care routine from the bottom up!

Have questions? Let's connect email us here: INFO@CRAFTHOUSESALON.COM


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