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Every year we close our salon down completely for one week. We use the first week of the new year to clean house, literally and figuratively. We find it’s the best time to get rid of unwanted clutter, refresh the salon, and clear a mental path for the year to come. Together we meet to sit with our goals and intentions to plan for the next 365 days and use our lessons from the previous year to grow.

We did this in 2020 before we were shut down due to Covid. We all had a lot of big dreams we wanted to reach, and while some of those goals were DOA due to the pandemic, we found the space to accomplish a lot.

Diamonds are formed from pressure and pearls from irritation. Fact is, a lot of bad helps establish a bounty of good if you choose to accept the current situation and work with what you have. Lesson for everyone in 2020 and 2021... some we wish not to relearn for sure, but ultimately grateful for the eye-opening education.

Resolutions and goals don’t have to be a challenging endeavor or punishment; it can be as simple as making your coffee at home instead of buying it out or walking from a parking spot further away to get more steps in. Some of our goals are small in the salon, and some are pretty hefty. We work as a team to hold each other accountable and bring to fruition what we want to see come to life. We can all agree that we want to make up for lost time and focus on the good in the upcoming year.

We wish you a year full of inspiration, intention, and joy!



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