This gentle soul is our most recent addition to the Craft House Salon team.  Laura's sweet, warm demeanor radiates from her.  Currently going through our advanced hair cutting training program.  Laura's drive and passion will catapult her onto the floor in no time.  

As Laura proceeds through our training program we will regularly update what she is working on to search for models.  

Say Hi to Laura

Laura in a minute 

Favorite Artists: Sarah Necia, Alex Weaver, Joan Jett, Prince, Jim Sharman

Favorite Book: The Crow

Favorite Music: 80’s rock

Favorite Quote: "If you got one leg in the past and the other in the future you’re pissin’ on today."

Favorite Drink: coffee

Favorite Food: If there’s pasta involved, it’s for me🤙

Favorite Product: :Liquid Spell