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Hair Care at the Beach.

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Sunny days are here! Warm weather makes everything feel so much better, especially sitting in the hot sun after months of cold weather. Even though it's an amazing feeling rough on the health and integrity of your skin and hair. Give yourself the protection you need with basic SPF everyday.

Daily habits to keep your skin and hair looking and feeling its best.

✨ We shouldn't have to tell you this but,....Apply, apply, reapply! - Make sure you add SPF to your skin and hair before you leave the house and again if you are at the pool or beach side for extended hours.

✨ Get yourself some SU for your hair! SU is our summer hair care line from Davines. The line includes, SPF, Shampoo and hair masks all built with UVA and UVB protection. Available on line or in the salon. Here is the link for your ease:

✨Pre-treat your hair- Chlorine is a natural bleach, which can really strip your hair of moisture and color. Before you dip in the pool, spray your hair down with water. Your hair will absorb less pool or salt water.

Image from Moxie Social

✨Hats - Hats with a brim are your new BFF for skin and hair protection.

These simple tips and tricks will keep the health of your hair & skin lasting all Summer long! If you have any questions about what hair products will be best for you over the season feel free to reach out to us.


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